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Avia Renault Saviem
Avia Renault Saviem sg2 manual guide_de
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Avia A31 shop manual
Avia A31 repair shop manual-clutch.pdf
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Avia A60 A80 E 2
Avia A60-A80 E2 Owner Manual.pdf
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Avia D60 D120 E 3 Owner Manual
Avia D60-D120 E3 (since 2006) Owner Manu
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Avia D60 D120 E 4 Owner Manual
Avia D60-D120 E4 Owner Manual
Avia D60-D120 E4 Owner Manual_compressed
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Avia D60 D90 E 3 Owner Manual
Avia D60-D90 E3 (by 2006) Owner Manual
Avia D60-D90 E3 (by 2006) Owner Manual_c
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Avia D60 D120 E 5 Owner Manual
Avia D60-D120 E5 Owner Manual
Avia D60-D120 E5 Owner Manual_compressed
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Avia Supplement 4x4 Owner Manual
Avia supplement 4x4 Owner Manual
Avia supplement 4x4 Owner Manual.pdf
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Our site describes the design of the car, sequentially and in detail describes various assembly and disassembly operations, repair and commissioning of the car.

 Avia trucks Manuals to repair and maintenance.



  The biography of the Prague factory Avia is not quite ordinary. This company, which arose in 1919, built aircraft for decades. Original fighters of their own design, licensed IL-14

But in 1960 Avia began production of Prague-made trucks: cars were more needed than airplanes, and soon the plant completely abandoned the production of aircraft equipment.

A world-class industrial enterprise is inconceivable without the use of modern technology, and Avia buys a license for the production of light trucks from the French company Savim. In 1971, the first plant of a new generation with a lifting capacity of 1.5 and 3 tons appeared at the Prague plant, which received the designations A15 and A30.

All modifications of the A15-AZO are similar to each other and have cabins with sound-absorbing insulation. Engines also differ in each model of the car - 72-liter diesel engines are installed on the A15. s., and on azo - 80 liters. with.

Until 1976, Avia cars were supplied only to the domestic market, but then they began to be exported to other countries. After comprehensive testing of the car, a long-term contract was signed, and the next year Avia trucks appeared on the roads of our country. These were mainly A30N model air vehicles with awning, A30K-S1 isothermal vans and A20 vans. In total, the company exported 40 thousand cars, and recently only advanced models of two modifications are delivered - A21 and A31.

Consumers in different countries appreciated such important advantages of Czech-Slovak trucks - reliability and efficiency. The car warranty is 6 months, the first 2500 km of vehicles are under the strict supervision of a special factory service. The consumer does not need to worry about adjusting the engine valves, stopping the brakes, debugging the front axle - all this will be done by Avia mechanics.

Avia A15N - a typical representative of the family of light trucks. The car has a welded frame, soft suspensions and a forward-facing cab connected to the frame through shock absorbers. The engine is a four-cylinder diesel model 712-13 with a volume of 3596 cm 'and a volume of 72 liters. with. in 3000 minutes ''. Rear axle. Hydraulic brakes with automatic adjustment of the compression force of the pads depending on the load on the car. The loading platform has only one hinged side - the back and is equipped with removable welded arcs and a waterproof tent. The truck has its own weight of 2140 kg, payload is 1810 kg, highway speed is 80.8 km / h, fuel consumption per 100 km is 11.5 liters, the gearbox is fully synchronized, four-speed.

The family of trucks of the Czech-Slovak company “Avia” includes more than thirty modifications. The pictures show some of them: