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AGCO Allis 1300 Series Front Cut Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 1300 Series FrontCut Operator
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AGCO Allis 1300 Series Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 1300 Series Operator's Manual
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AGCO Allis 1600 Series 1615 G Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1600 Series 1615G Parts Manua
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AGCO Allis Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 1692839 Operator's Manual_com
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AGCO Allis 1700 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1700 Series Parts Manual_comp
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AGCO Allis 1700 series Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 1700-series Operator's Manual
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AGCO Allis 1800 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1800 Series Parts Manual_comp
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AGCO Allis 1900 Series Parts Manual
AGCO Allis 1900 Series Parts Manual_comp
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AGCO Allis 400 SERIES Owner's Manual
AGCO Allis 400 SERIES Owner's Manual_com
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AGCO Allis 512 Gear series Operator's Manual
AGCO Allis 512 Gear-series Operator's Ma
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AGCO Allis 512 Hydro series Owners Manual
AGCO Allis 512 Hydro-series Owners Manua
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AGCO Allis 900 Series 918 H Owner's Manual
AGCO Allis 900 Series 918H Owner's Manua
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ACGO Corporation has been leading its history since its foundation in 1990, and over 30 years of operation it has become one of the top most reliable companies in the world and has gained recognition in more than 140 countries. The company supplies various special machinery and equipment to the world market and provides high-quality machinery maintenance services.

The founders of the company are John Shumeid and Robert Ratlif, at one time they separated from another enterprise for the development of agricultural equipment and began to develop their business. Having considerable experience and skills in the agricultural services market, partners have already established themselves as a promising company rapidly developing over the first few years of work. Having become an international company supplying branded products that have received worldwide recognition, the company has progressed rapidly, buying up the assets of such enterprises as:

• Massey Ferguson

• Fendt

• Valtra

• Challenger


Total investments exceeded $ 1.4 billion. It was the competent distribution of financial resources that allowed the company to become a leader in the world market in terms of quality and reliability of products.

Among the first brands that fell under the control of AGCO Corporation was Massey Ferguson - one of the leading companies in the field of development and creation of machines for agricultural use. A breakthrough in the field of equipping equipment with high-tech control was a self-propelled combine that could electronically control grain harvesting. Prior to the acquisition by AGCO, the brand had been operating for over fifty centuries and produced more than 5.5 million units of agricultural machinery. Today, the company creates more than 200,000 tractors annually that meet all international standards and equipment requirements.

A little later, the list of companies acquired by AGCO Corporation, replenished with the Fendt brand. The product of this brand, internationally recognized, was the F22 tractors, which have high technology, innovative solutions and quality. They have established themselves around the world as excellent equipment for agricultural work. Professionals have optimized the operation of the machine so that during operation, energy is optimally distributed across all elements of the system, creating ideal conditions to reduce the consumption of energy resources.

The next major brand that became part of the corporation was the American brand Challenger. Since 2000, the company's products have undergone various modifications and innovations, making it possible to achieve the current level of modernized equipment with high productivity.

Tractors of the Challenger line remain the only agricultural machines to date that include the use of rubber-metal tracks. The brand also produces sprayers and fertilizer spreaders, mounted implements and tillage equipment.

AGCO did not stop there in expanding the catalog of brands and in 2003 acquired the assets of the Finnish company Valtra. The equipment is designed primarily to perform tasks related to road and public works. Valta combines endurance, efficiency, functionality, as well as resistance to climatic and temperature conditions.

The series will be replenished with completely new models that are distinguished by high manufacturability and productivity. The fourth generation of Valtra brand tractors meets all the needs and expectations of customers thanks to its innovative and reliable solutions.

Tractors of the new Agco series are equipped with AGCO Power Stage diesel engines, created using the most modern technologies. 3.3-liter engines are installed on compact models, while larger models are equipped with 4.4-liter power units. These four-valve engines with new injection systems and a common discharge pipe can develop high power while consuming little fuel. SCR selective catalytic technology is used to remove nitrogen oxides from the exhaust, making the new engines comply with Stage IV environmental standards. To increase efficiency, the compact A74 is equipped with an EGR exhaust gas recirculation system with additional cooling.

The power unit is located on the front frame and has a compact size, providing excellent visibility. Like all other Valtra tractors, the A-Series models have excellent ground clearance, making them ideal for use in forests and field work such as spraying and harvesting. Fourth-generation models can be equipped with the latest front-end loaders available for all sizes of chassis.

In the tractors of the new series, the famous HiTech servo-controlled transmission from Valtra was supplemented with the best mechanical transmission ever installed on cars of this class. When upgrading the gearbox, they focused on multifunctionality. Twelve forward and reverse gears are combined in only two groups, which minimizes gear shifting operations using two levers. For movement at speeds up to 90 m / h (1400 rpm) an additional option is available in the form of a “creeping” gear. The aggressiveness of the mechanism for switching the direction of movement is adjusted taking into account the tasks performed or the needs of the driver. In addition, Valtra’s acclaimed innovations, the AutoTraction traction control system and HiShift function, minimize the use of the clutch pedal and make it easier to drive.

The new Agco series features an electrically controlled AutoControl linkage. The intelligent modular base provides each A4 model with a high payload of up to 5.2 tons. The OC hydraulic system is powerful enough to carry out any tasks and guarantees fast operation even with large front-end loaders or other equipment.

The tractors of the series are equipped with the most spacious cab of a new design among the cars of this class. It is distinguished by comfort and functionality, thanks to which the control of the tractor becomes easy. Excellent ergonomics are complemented by fully electronic control systems: all-wheel drive, differential lock, linkage and performance monitor. The cab also has a low noise level, a second seat is available on request. A user interface and a bright interior are characteristic features of Valtra technology. Comfortable conditions help the operator to work more efficiently. As with all Valtra tractors, the driver's seat rotates 180 degrees, which improves working efficiency when reversing.


Like other Valtra tractors, the new series can be produced at the Valtra factory in Finland, according to individual customer requests. With its modular design and hundreds of features and options available, the 4th Generation A Series can be perfectly adapted to the unique needs of each customer. The new Valtra tractor series, manufactured at the Suolahti plant, was first presented at SIMA 2017, and mass production will begin in the summer of 2017.

AGCO Corporation invites you to the Valtra Smart Tour

Massey Ferguson