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    Astra was founded in 1946, when an urgent need arose in the automotive market for inexpensive and reliable trucks that could be used in a wide range of areas. The beautiful name, consonant with the name of the flower, the Italian company received from Anonima Sarda Transporti (abbreviated ASTra). This was the name of the company Mario Bertucia, which he created back in 1946. The main activity of the company was the reconstruction and conversion of trucks used by the military into civilian vehicles, as well as the repair of tanks and other military equipment. However, in 1955, having perfectly mastered and studied all the design options of other manufacturers, a model of the all-wheel drive two-axle truck BM-1 was released.


  Initially, auto companies were produced without driver's cabs. Besides the fact that they cost much less, the hot Italian climate greatly contributed to this design. But powerful diesel engines Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Detroit Diesel, mounted on strong chassis for dump trucks and tractors, made the company's products reliable and instantly aroused the trust of potential buyers.


  The company was already widely known as a small-scale manufacturer of very strong chassis for such special equipment as concrete trucks, large trucks, dump trucks for construction, mining and road repair work. Equipment began to produce with cabins. And so that the cost of transport with a cabin will not increase significantly, for the production of cabins we used high-quality and inexpensive fiberglass. Due to the fact that ItalDesign was engaged in their design under the guidance of the genius Giorgetto Giugiaro, the cabins were comfortable and met all international standards.


By 1982, many trucks were being sold that were sold throughout Europe. At the same time, a contract was signed with the Italian army, which purchased the entire upgraded model of a number of companies, providing Astra with the opportunity to test their cars in the field for free. In 1983, the company's assortment consisted of 50 models of various modifications.


After 3 years, "Astra" was completely bought out by the company "Iveco", which concentrated all the company's achievements to create 50-ton trucks. After only a year and a half, these models occupied the entire segment of trucks, which were even exported to the United States of America. In addition, a racing team was created under the Astra brand, which for 20 years has been involved in truck racing around the world.


The following Astra models are currently on the market. Tractors that have 15 modifications and can be equipped for any task, including the transportation of military equipment. Mining trucks used for work in extreme conditions. They have proven themselves in the coal mining sector, thanks to their soft suspension and dynamic engines. In addition, customers can choose three-axle four-wheel drive tractors that are used by large companies to transport goods throughout Eurasia.


  The company's products appeared in Russia in 2015. Today, Astra trucks and construction equipment can be seen in Nefteyugansk, near Irkutsk (scaffolding), on the Chita-Khabarovsk highway (road construction). Astra machinery in the Far East and Siberia is especially in demand. Unbreakable trucks, such as the Astra HD8 66.45 all-wheel drive truck tractor, have proven themselves in difficult terrain and in difficult weather conditions.