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BAW-Fenix (Euro-3) fault codes

BAW-Fenix (Euro-3) fault codes
BAW-Fenix (Euro-3) fault codes
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The car company began to work in 1958, produces vehicles in numerous trim levels (150 options). Among other manufacturers of the Chinese automobile industry, BAW is confidently among the leaders. Now the car company is engaged in the assembly of freight vehicles, special vehicles. Approximately to Beijing is the main office of the automaker.


The productivity of the corporation is approximately 100 thousand cars per year. Production conveyors are concentrated in two plants. Products at BAW enterprises are produced in high quality, certified (GJB 9001, ISO 9001). The car company has long conquered the local market and began to actively create a distribution network in Asian, North African, European countries.


The automaker does not trust outdated equipment and "worn out" technologies, constantly updates and modernizes production facilities. That is why his product is always of high quality with excellent potential. In the country and abroad, the automaker has an extensive network of car dealerships and service centers.


Brand cars are convenient, economical, affordable, reliable, and support numerous configuration options.

Today, automotive products that are manufactured under the BAW brand (and in particular the BAW 33460 model) are becoming more and more widespread, but many do not even realize why these trucks and buses are so popular compared to even with other models that are in the same class with them.


The trucks manufactured by BAW are manufactured and developed taking into account all the requirements that their operation on domestic roads imposes. Due to this, another advantage of these cars also appears - a significant reduction in the required costs required for repairing BAW automobiles, which is ensured by the maximum affordable cost of the parts, as well as their constant availability in the corresponding service centers. In the end, we see almost perfect cars for our conditions, which without any difficulty can withstand the loads that the current city presents.


Cars themselves can differ from their counterparts in a number of their advantages, depending on which version of the cab is used in the vehicle. Thus, a car can belong to several variations:


A model for intercity transportation, providing only two places - driver and passenger. In this case, the cargo takes up a minimum of space, since the main bet is on the speed and maneuverability of the car itself;

A model for intercity transportation, providing an extra bed. Such trucks are ideal for long-distance transportation of goods, although they can no less effectively be used for transportation within the city;

A six-seat model, which provides an additional row of seats.

The use of a specialized brake system based on pneumatic technology makes it possible to ensure complete driving safety even when it is necessary to carry out any complex turns and maneuvers, which is not the only difference for all modern cars of this class. In particular, this indicator is especially important in situations where cars are used to transport goods in an urban environment.

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