Challenger Tractors & Combines  service manuals in PDF


       Motorhome manufacturer Challenger began operations in 1985.

 In the first years, the company gained a reputation by producing simple and reliable cars for a comfortable trip. Since 1993, the company has been developing a line of budget products that would allow campers to purchase a wider circle of customers, and she does it.


In 1995, the company opened the market to a wider audience with the slogan: "Our cars are a privilege accessible to everyone."


In 1997, the legendary Challenger 102 was born, which has been a bestseller for many years, and today more than 3,000 of these campers can be found on the road.


In 2002, the company received an ISO 9001 quality certificate.


In 2009 there is a breakthrough and MAGEO PRIUM enters the market. This is the first low-profile compact (5.99 m) car in which the kitchen is equipped along with an electrically controlled double bed and a huge bathroom. The model is officially recognized as one of the main innovations in the European recreational transport and receives prestigious European design awards.



Challenger motorhomes are gaining worldwide fame, and more than 45,000 were sold in 2010. The company regularly updates its products and strictly monitors the high quality of production, which is confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate.