Crown service manuals in PDF


      Crown Equipment Corporation is an American manufacturer of forklift trucks. The company is headquartered in New Bremen, Ohio, USA.

With the development of industry and infrastructure, the problem of the mass movement of products, goods, and other cargoes arose more and more sharply. It took a technological solution to the problem, removing the main physical load from the employee, and shifting it to the equipment of the work site. This technique has become a Crown forklift. His invention greatly simplified the loading and unloading operations, made them as efficient, comfortable and safe as possible.

The history of the development of this floor transport has a little more than a hundred years.


The main types of storage equipment and floor transport. In 1906, a self-propelled trolley with an electric drive was invented on the P-Railroad. It was used to transport luggage of passengers. In the 1920s, in parallel, in Europe and North America, the first models of equipment were created, which can be called forklifts. They were equipped with electric and gasoline propulsion systems. It was not a forklift in the usual sense. In the 1920s, Crown and Hysler began mass production of sand conveyors. The first classic forklift truck was created in the USA in 1924. Although technology has stepped far forward, the essence of the forklift truck has not changed since then. Similar equipment was developed and produced in Europe and Japan, but the United States remained the center for the production of material handling equipment until the start of WWII.

The period of 1945-1960. Mass introduction and development of the loader concept. During the war, the production of forklifts in the United States increased by orders of magnitude. After the end of hostilities, a large amount of this equipment, transferred to the troops, remained around the world. Local manufacturers began to actively adopt the American experience in establishing their own production of forklifts.

The period 1990-2006. Globalization of the forklift market. During this period, forklifts of all models are increasingly equipped with sensitive electronics. Smart features are gradually being introduced that make this technique more comfortable to drive, safe and durable. Also, Crown forklifts are equipped with exhaust filtration systems, and electric drives are being improved. Among manufacturers, there is an intensive process of globalization and international cooperation. Small producers are absorbed by larger ones, which in turn merge into international corporations. For the production of one model of a forklift truck, European engines, Chinese metal and Japanese electronics are used.

The period from 2006 to our time. The era of manufacturers Crown Equipment Corp company has the best service and developed dealer network. Original spare parts are easily found for their equipment, and the equipment has proved itself from the best side. Today, the Crown forklift remains one of the main types of floor vehicles. Its design continues to improve. The forklift becomes more environmentally friendly and productive, easier to drive, safer to operate.