DongFeng service manuals in PDF


   Dongfeng (Dong Feng) is one of the leading manufacturers of self-propelled agricultural machinery and attachments to it. It was founded in the People's Republic of China in the eastern province of Jiangsu, Changzhou City. In 1960, the company began to engage in tractor engineering and since then continues to successfully produce tractors and mini tractors that are widely used in many countries of the world.


The modern Chinese factory Dong Feng covers an area of more than 360,000 square meters, half of which is reserved for production facilities. The company has its own design and research centers, developing the latest agricultural machinery. It supplies to the market compact wheeled tractors registered under the brands DFAM, DF, Dongfeng, which have successfully passed certification according to GOST standards.

The small-capacity tractor equipment Dong Feng was appreciated by Russian farmers and owners of suburban areas. Due to its small size and good performance, it perfectly copes with a whole range of work in confined spaces. In the responses of users noted many of the advantages of these machines, in particular:


- universality;

- wide functionality;

- economical consumption of fuels and lubricants;

- ease of maintenance and repair;

- unification of spare parts with proprietary analogues;

- durability and reliability of the main units, systems and components.


In addition to the listed factory defects, the owners of Dong Feng mini tractors point out another drawback - the lack of information about the technical features of such machines for troubleshooting on their own. Due to the fact that most domestic landowners prefer to repair their equipment with their own hands, rather than resort to the expensive services of SC specialists, their lack of awareness made them difficult to carry out repairs.


     The DF 240 model is a versatile Chinese mini tractor of a wide range of applications. It is intended for agricultural and transport work, as well as for cleaning up territories, servicing decorative landscape elements and sports grounds.


The tractor is equipped with a four-stroke 24-horsepower liquid-cooled diesel engine equipped with three cylinders. Additionally it is equipped with:


- 25 l fuel tank;

- dry single plate clutch;

- preheating system;

- hydraulic distributor with two hydraulic outlets;

- PTO of an independent type with a rotation speed of 540/1000 rpm;

- mechanical transmission with rear differential lock;

- rear three-point aggregation system of mounted implements.

The geometric parameters of the dong feng DF 240 tractor are 2850 mm (in length), 1360 mm (in width), 1365 mm (in height), weight - 1250 kg. Its ground clearance is 290 mm, and the turning radius is 3.9 m. The standard tires with front tires 6.0 "-12.0" and rear tires 9.5 "-24.0" are installed on the agricultural machine.


Dong Feng 240 is capable of speeds of 26.3 km / h when moving forward and 7.7 km / h - when moving backward. It has a convenient and comfortable control, thanks to the classic arrangement of control levers, as well as the presence of an adjustable seat, short-stroke gearbox wings, manual and foot accelerator. Safety of the operator's work is ensured by rear-view mirrors, powerful halogen headlights, brake lights, side and turning lights.

The all-wheel drive DF 240 easily plows land on a plot of up to 20 hectares, helps to plant and harvest crops, prepare hay and carry cargo weighing up to 1.5 tons. The design of the tractor involves the installation of an excavator, a bulldozer knife and a front-end loader, which further expands it operational capabilities.



Owners in their reviews note such advantages of the Chinese DF 240 mini tractor as compactness, excellent maneuverability, unpretentiousness in maintenance and affordable price (a new tractor of this model can be bought on average for $ 5600, and with low mileage - for $ 3900). The disadvantages they include low-quality installation of electric harnesses.