Hangcha forklift service manuals in PDF

Hangcha 1-3.5t R Series Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck - Operation and Maintenance Manual
Hangcha 1-3.5t R Series Internal Combust
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Hangcha CDD14-ES CDD16-ES Stand-On Pallet Stacker Operation Manual
Hangcha CDD14-ES CDD16-ES Stand-On Palle
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Hangcha CPD-series Electrical Forklift Truck - Operation and Maintenance manual
Hangcha CPD-series Electrical Forklift T
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Hangcha J-series 1-5t Service Manual
Hangcha J-series 1-5t Service Manual_com
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Hangcha J-series Service Manual
Hangcha J-series Service Manual_compress
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Hangcha R-Serie 2.0-2.5t Parts Catalog
Hangcha R-Serie 2.0-2.5t Parts Catalog_c
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Hangcha R-Serie 3.0-3.5t Parts Catalog
Hangcha R-Serie 3.0-3.5t Parts Catalog_c
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Hangcha R-Serie 5.0t-10t Service Manual
Hangcha R-Serie 5.0t-10t Service Manual_
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Hangcha R-series 1-1.5t Service Manual
Hangcha R-series 1-1.5t Service Manual_c
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HANGCHA R-series Service Manual
HANGCHA R-series Service Manual_compress
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     Hangcha Group Company Ltd is currently one of the world's largest manufacturers of warehouse equipment. She became famous for her forklift trucks, stackers, reach trucks, towing tractors, as well as some other equipment, the production of which has been engaged in nearly half a century.

The Hangcha plant was founded back in 1956 in China through the merger of eighteen private companies. Initially, Hancha positioned itself as a repair factory. However, the situation changed in 1959. Then the production was renamed from repair to universal, while the plant began to specialize in the production of mining, metallurgical and other industrial equipment.


Since 1966, the company has concentrated on the production of machine tools. The first forklift truck came off the assembly line only in 1974. The great success of the first CZ3 model led to the fact that in 1978 another model appeared - CPC3. This event became a landmark, as it was then that the company headed for the production of forklifts.


Already in 1983, the first "millionaire" rolled off the assembly line. It was introduced in China at the Antarctic research station. The CPC3 model was so successful that in 1991 it was awarded the National Silver Medal as a product of the highest quality.


In 1995, the company received a certificate of compliance with the ISO 9000 quality standard. Since 2000, the company has restructured its share capital several times. At the same time, it significantly expanded its business, opened more than 40 subsidiaries, and increased its investment in industry. In 2007, the company began to produce a new series of loaders - R. The equipment immediately gained popularity not only in China, but throughout the world.


In 2016, Hangcha was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as the leading forklift truck manufacturer.

At present, at least 80 thousand forklifts are assembled at the Hancha plant annually. In parallel with them, other above-mentioned equipment is also produced. In addition, the factory manufactures equipment from brands such as NISSAN, Hyster and some others. According to statistics, this company produces every eighth loader on Earth.


Thus, Chinese forklifts successfully compete with similar equipment from Japan, Europe and the USA. The success of this product is associated with several factors:


high quality and reliability;

low cost in comparison with equipment from Japan or, for example, Europe;

well-developed marketing strategy;

effective technical support system;

continuous introduction of the most modern technologies, which is facilitated by our own center for the study of innovation.

It should be noted that Hancha products are manufactured on modern equipment, the same as that used in factories in Japan, Europe and the United States.

Hangcha R-series

Hangcha CPD-series