Howo Truck service manuals in PDF

Apostila CBCU HOWO
Apostila CBCU HOWO_compressed.pdf
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Howo A7 Serice Repair Manual
Howo A7 Serice Repair Manual_compressed.
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Howo A7. Axles STR. Repair manual
Howo A7. Axles STR. Repair manual_compre
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Howo A7. Brake system. Repair manual
Howo A7. Brake system. Repair manual_com
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Howo A7. Clutch. Repair manual
Howo A7. Clutch. Repair manual_compresse
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Howo A7. Electrical equipment. Description
Howo A7. Electrical equipment. Descripti
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Howo A7. Electrical equipment. Troubleshooting
Howo A7. Electrical equipment. Troublesh
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Howo A7. Frame and suspension. Repair manual
Howo A7. Frame and suspension. Repair ma
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Howo A7. Front axle STR. Repair manual
Howo A7. Front axle STR. Repair manual_c
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Howo A7. Manual
Howo A7. Manual_compressed.pdf
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Howo A7. Steering. Repair manual
Howo A7. Steering. Repair manual_compres
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HOWO engine parts
HOWO engine parts_compressed.pdf
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Howo SCR Tenneco. Manual
Howo SCR Tenneco. Manual_compressed.pdf
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Howo SCR Tenneco. Service Manual.
Howo SCR Tenneco. Service Manual_compres
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HOWO. Engine D12 Euro III. Repair manual
HOWO. Engine D12 Euro III. Repair manual
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HOWO. Engine WD615 Euro2 Repair Instructions
HOWO. Engine WD615 Euro2 Repair Instruct
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     HOWO heavy trucks are manufactured by SINOTRUK China National Corporation, which is the main manufacturer and exporter of heavy trucks in the People's Republic of China, dump trucks and truck tractors weighing from 20 to 60 tons, as well as specialized machinery. The model line of Hovo dump trucks is represented by 4x2, 6x4, 8x4, 8x6, 10x6 vehicles. This variation of models makes it possible to choose a dump truck for even the most specific requirements.

Hovo is a combination of a completely new productive ideology multiplied by technical features and innovations. The appearance of such a heavy truck is quite attractive. Designers managed to embody the beauty of power in this car.


Recently, there has been a growing trend in the popularity of HOWO dump trucks and tractors made in China. This was the result of good technical and operational characteristics, which, according to drivers, are far superior to their domestic. At the same time, the price of HOWO trucks is less.

The engine power of Hovo dump trucks is in the range from 290 to 410 horsepower, the concentration of exhaust gases complies with environmental standards.

The motor installed on the Hovo machines was specially designed for dump trucks, and can operate at low speeds for a fairly long time. When developing the engine, all the most modern achievements of the Asian and European auto-building industries were involved. As a result, the engine, when working in typical conditions for dump trucks, demonstrates decent efficiency, which makes it possible to significantly reduce operating costs.


The fuel consumption of a 6x4 Hovo dump truck with a 336 horsepower engine is 30 liters per 100 kilometers of track. The HOWO gearbox is mounted by ZF or Fuller, and can have six, eight or even nine stages. These boxes are notable for their small size, softness of gear shifting and strong fixation of gears. Reliability and comfort in use is at the level of good European cars.


Hovo manufactures all European safety standards. All this should protect the driver from any unforeseen situations. The cabin is an all-metal construction with high strength. To protect the driver, seat belts with two locks are used. An impressive windshield gives you excellent visibility. In terms of comfort and ergonomics, Hovo cars meet all European standards. This gives the driver the possibility of long-term driving without overwork. The cabin is equipped with an air suspension with four supports, which is able to absorb almost any unevenness in the road.


Already standard equipment, Hovo cars have air conditioning, which has the function of heating and automatic temperature control. In the cockpit

well-designed ventilation, which not only ensures the flow of air, but also prevents icing of the side windows of the cab. Comfort is also enhanced by a well-made soundproofing system. The driver's seat can be adjusted, and everyone can adjust it to their anthropometric data. Also available is a heated seat cushion and backrest.


Having considered all the features of this car brand, we can summarize that, with all the advantages of this car, its price remains at the level with its domestic counterparts.