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Kia Bongo 3 Service Manual
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Kia K 2500 Service Manual
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Kia K 2700 Service Manual
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Kia K 2900 Service Manual
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Kia K 3 Service Manual
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Kia Bongo:

    Kia Bongo is a mini truck from a Korean manufacturer. It has several types of bodies (pickup truck, dump truck, cargo truck, refrigerator, etc.). Built under license from Mazda. It has been produced since 1980. It has three generations: 1980-1997; 1997-2004; 2004 is our time. Over the entire period of release survived two restyling.




Among modern Kia Bongo, pickups with cabs for two or four doors are most in demand. The feature of the truck, present in all generations - unequal wheels in front and behind. The radiator grill is made in the corporate style of the company. It is distinguished by the presence of a bone-shaped slot.


The bumper of older versions was equipped with a rectangular central section of the air intake. Today it has a U shape. The rear of the truck is notable for its round stoplights. They are one of the most memorable details.


Interior and equipment


The interior of modern Bongo is upholstered with much better materials than before. Armchairs are comfortable and spacious. Between the front seats is a large armrest that can easily transform into a table or third place. In the rear compartment of the 4-door variations - a sofa with a vertical back.


In the cabin there are a lot of different shelves and niches for luggage. Thanks to the glazing features, the visibility of the car is excellent. The dashboard "hides" under the visor and fits well into the overall design. The basic version of the model provides for an air conditioner, hydraulic power steering, power windows, radio, heated driver's seat.


Specifications Kia Bongo

Under the hood, the first-generation Kia Bongo had a 2.5cc diesel powered by a five-speed manual gearbox. The second generation received a 2.7-liter engine, and a little later 2.9-liter. The transmission remained the same.


The range of modern models includes two engines - a 2.4-liter for 159 “horses” and a 2.5-cc for 133 hp. Gearboxes here are mechanical at 5 or 6 speeds, or a six-speed “automatic”.


The main contingent of Bongo buyers, as the manufacturer had originally expected, are representatives of small and medium-sized businesses who need practical and durable transport at an affordable price.

Kia K2700 

   The Kia K2700 type body truck has 2 seats with 2 doors. The length is 4840 mm, the width of the car is 1750 mm. Pay attention to this when buying a Kia K2700. Denmark Kia K2700 car parameters are very convenient for maneuvers. Technical characteristics of the wheelbase Kia K2700 II 2.7 D 2385 mm, rear track 1140 mm, front 1240 mm, vehicle clearance 150 mm. The car weighs about 1530 kg with a permissible 2650 total weight. Tire type for Kia K2700 II 2.7 D 195 R14-5.00 R12.
Used car engine specifications, used Kia K2700: Engine capacity is 2665 cm3 cylinder type In-line, 94.5 mm in diameter. Number of cylinders, the new Kia K2700 II 2.7 D has: 4 cylinders. Additional engine parameters:, 95 mm piston stroke, 2 valves per cylinder, fuel supply system Diesel, engine power 83/4150 horsepower, engine torque 172/2400.

To buy a Kia K2700 II 2.7 D: drive Rear you need to know the specification of the transmission, and 5 gears of a manual gearbox. Steering Gear-rack type. And power steering. The new Kia K2700 II 2.7 D has drum rear brakes. Front brakes type: Ventilated discs

Selling a Kia K2700 is very easy in the car market. The maximum speed is 131 km h. The Kia K2700 gas tank holds 60 liters of fuel., And 6.6 liters with a mixed type.

Kia  Bongo 3

Kia  K 2500