Marmon-Herrington Axel service manuals in PDF

Marmon Herrington CT8 parts manual
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Marmon Herrington CT16N,H,HX parts manual
Marmon Herrington CT16N,H,HX parts manua
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Marmon Herrington CT12H parts manual
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Marmon Herrington MT 10 parts manual
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     Marmon-Herrington was opened in 1931 by Walter Marmont. Despite the fact that he was the brother of the two founders of the company “Marmon”, also engaged in the production of cars, Walter chose to create his own business separately from them.


In the first three years, only 400 cars were made, which today are rarities and very expensive jewelry from automobile collections. In 1933, the company focused on the manufacture of components and trucks.


After the outbreak of World War II, the main focus of Marmon-Herrington was the production of four-wheel drive vehicles for the needs of the US Army. In 1939, the first Marmon-Herrington armored vehicle was introduced, equipped with a chassis from a 3-ton Ford commercial truck, a 90-horsepower liquid-cooled engine, a four-speed gearbox and a sturdy armored body. Until August 1944, the company produced over 5,700 pieces of equipment in various modifications.



However, in 1963, the company's affairs were shaken, and it was bought out by Adrian Rup, who transferred production to the city of Denton. A year later, he sold it to the Space Corporation, which produced military products, and Marmon-Herrington again changed its location, moving this time to Garland, located near Dallas.