TATA Truck service manuals in PDF

ТАТА LPT-613 Service Manual
ТАТА LPT-613 Service Manual_compressed.p
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LPTA 713S 4x4TRUCK_compressed.pdf
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Tata Ace Zip Brochure
Tata Ace Zip Brochure_compressed.pdf
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Tata LPK 2516 C EURO-II Parts list
Tata LPK 2516 C EURO-II Parts list_compr
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Tata LPK2518HD-38-BS3-G1150-MT-ERGO-AC-14BOX Parts list
Tata LPK2518HD-38-BS3-G1150-MT-ERGO-AC-1
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TATA LPT 1618-52, 697 TCIC Euro 3 Part List
TATA LPT 1618-52, 697 TCIC Euro 3 Part L
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TATA LPT 613 Operator’s Service Book
TATA LPT 613 Operator’s Service Book_com
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Tata Xenon Owners Manual
Tata Xenon Owners Manual_compressed.pdf
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TATA-613 Wiring Diagram
TATA-613 Wiring Diagram_compressed.pdf
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Tata Motors

     Tata Motors is a leader in the production of commercial vehicles in India and the fifth largest truck manufacturer in the world.

The range of trucks manufactured by the company is very wide: from small Tata Ace trucks to Tata Prima heavy vehicles. In total, the company produces more than 120 models of trucks.

The largest diversified group of companies TATA consists of 93 rapidly developing companies in various industries, such as the chemical and engineering industries, telecommunications and information systems, the service sector and consumer goods. The staff of such a large group is 220 thousand people. In our country, this company is known for its good TATA trucks


The largest concern includes Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Steel, Tata Motors and Tata Tea. The concern has production in more than 40 countries and exports goods to more than 100 countries of the world.


TATA Group of Companies produces a wide range of products, such as tea, soda, watches, machines and steel products. The concern enjoys well-deserved authority in the global market. The core values of the group are business ethics and social responsibility.


One of the largest and fastest growing divisions is Tata Motors Limited. Its turnover in 2005-2006 alone amounted to $ 5.5 billion. The history of the concern began in 1945, and in 1954 the first car was already produced. In various parts of India, many automobile manufacturers are concentrated.


The company operates TATA Finance, which stimulates consumer demand. In addition, the manufacturer always strives for excellence. One manifestation of this desire is the purchase of various foreign firms expanding the boundaries of production and consumer markets. Among the acquired brands, one can distinguish the Brazilian Marcopolo, which is the leader in the production of bus bodies, the Korean Daewoo and the Spanish Hispano Carrocera, which produces buses. In addition, Tata Motors Limited has signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Fiat Group to produce cars in India and at a plant in Argentina.



Export of products is one of the fundamental tasks of the group. Thanks to innovation and research and development, the concern is a leader in the engineering industry of India. He pays close attention not only to the creation of new models of cars, but also to the development of new alternative types of fuel and the improvement of the environmental performance of cars. In addition, the company helps people in the areas where its plants are located. She signed the UN Agreement on Environmental and Labor Standards, as well as on human rights issues. The rich heritage of the company and the latest developments allows it to develop rapidly and look forward with hope.