Valtra tractors service manuals in PDF

Valtra 1280R - 1380S, 1580 - 1680S, 1780R - 1880S Supplement to Spare Parts Catalogue
Valtra 1280R - 1380S, 1580 - 1680S, 1780
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Valtra Combine BC7500 Parts Catalog
Valtra Combine BC7500 Parts Catalog_comp
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Valtra Tractor S353
Valtra Tractor S353_compressed.pdf
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Valtra a 750 850 950 990 Parte
Valtra a 750 850 950 990 Parte3_compress
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Valtra BH 180 Operator's Manual
Valtra BH 180 Operator's Manual_compress
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Valtra Fault Codes list
Valtra Fault Codes list_compressed.pdf
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Valtra MEGA MEZZO HI-TEC Workshop Manual
Valtra MEGA MEZZO HI-TEC Workshop Manual
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Valtra Valmet 8050 Tractor Workshop Manual
Valtra Valmet 8050 Tractor Workshop Manu
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Valtra T2 Series Operator's Manual
Valtra T2 Series Operator's Manual_compr
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Valtra T 140 TRACTOR Service Repair Manual
Valtra T 140 TRACTOR Service Repair Manu
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Valtra N-Series Versu models (N134 V, N154e V, N174 V) Operators manual
Valtra N-Series Versu models (N134 V, N1
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Valtra T3 Series Operator's Manual
Valtra T3 Series Operator's Manual_compr
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Valtra Tractor BH-180 Hiflow - diagrams
Valtra Tractor BH-180 Hiflow - diagrams_
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   The history of tractors of the Finnish brand, now known as Valtra, began after the Second World War, when many factories that produced weapons and spare parts for aircraft were converted to produce agricultural equipment that was urgently needed at that time. The reprofiling also took place at Valmet (Valtion Metaallitehtaat a large Finnish conglomerate of state-owned metal plants) which was the starting point in the development of the legendary Valtra brand.

In 1951, Valmet opened a plant for the production of agricultural machinery and launched its first tractor, Valmet 20. The start of sales was so successful that a year later the company had already produced 75 tractors, and by September 1954 the number of produced agricultural machines was close to 2000.

Soon another significant event in the history of the brand is taking place the merger with the Swedish company Volvo BM, the main specialization of which was the production of vehicles for the transportation and loading of soil. The tandem of two large companies arose in 1979 and in 1982-1987. successfully existed under the brand name Volvo BM Valmet. Then, in 1982, Volvo completely sold its share of the assets of the tractor company.
In 1997, the brand changed its name to our usual Valtra. Since 2001, a series of next changes has taken place: in 2004, Valtra accepts AGCO's offer of cooperation, which has been successfully continued to this day. Today Valtra tractors are sold in more than 75 countries, including Russia, where the equipment of a famous Finnish brand can be purchased from authorized dealers of the AGCO-RM joint venture.

Valtra tractors are widely used not by chance these machines are not only the embodiment of Scandinavian practicality, but also able to work all year round in harsh operating conditions. All machines pass a set of mandatory tests beyond the Arctic Circle and are distinguished by their versatility: they can cope with both agricultural and communal tasks without fail. A distinctive feature of Valtra is its flexible approach to forming the tractor equipment when choosing, specific functional requirements and customer requirements are taken into account, which allows you to select the necessary functionality for an individual order and “assemble” your machine modification.

Valtra is rightfully proud of its machines and produces tractors of the A, N, T, S series, each of which is unique in its own way:

Series A base tractors are versatile, robust machines that, due to their size and excellent maneuverability, are an indispensable tool for work in gardening, forestry and public utilities, and are also the most popular model in Scandinavia.
Valtra N Series tractors feature superior performance coupled with high technical specifications: machines with a power range from 99 to 171 hp. The optimal solution for solving a wide range of tasks. Currently, N-series tractors account for about 60% of orders in the factory portfolio these models are one of the most popular.
The T series combines the traditional power of Valtra tractors with unsurpassed versatility and is represented by machines suitable for different types of activities.
S Series tractors feature an AGCO Power 84 AWF engine designed for the toughest jobs. They are perfect for professional farmers and private entrepreneurs to tillage, contracting and transporting under difficult conditions.

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