Versatile tractors service manuals in PDF

Versatile 435/485/535 Operators Manual
Versatile 435_485_535 Operators Manual [
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Versatile Big Tractor Parts Catalog 2008
Versatile Big Tractor Parts Catalog 2008
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Versatile Big Tractor Parts Catalog 2009
Versatile Big Tractor Parts Catalog 2009
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Versatile D118-G125, D145 4WD - Parts book
Versatile D118-G125, D145 4WD - Parts bo
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Versatile Track System Owners Manual
Versatile Track System Owners Manual_com
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Versatile 4WD DELTATRACK Model 520DT/570DT/610DT
Versatile 4WD DELTATRACK Model 520DT_570
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Versatile 4WD TRACTORS Model 380/405/430/460
Versatile 4WD TRACTORS Model 380_405_430
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Versatile 4WD Tractors Models 350-550
Versatile 4WD Tractors Models 350-550_co
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Versatile MFWD/ROW CROP TRACTOR 265/295/315
Versatile MFWD_ROW CROP TRACTOR 265_295_
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Versatile Row Crop Tractors
Versatile Row Crop Tractors_compressed.p
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      The Versatile tractor is Canadian power. The domestic sector of agricultural tractors is constantly growing with new, high-performance models. One of the latest innovations is the versatile tractor. The model starts mass production in 2017, according to the plans of the developers, about 500 cars will enter the country's fields.


The Versatile tractor is a development of a Canadian company, which is known under the brand name Buhler. The peak of popularity of these machines came in 2008-2009. Literally everything suited the consumer in these tractors: power, maneuverability, excellent traction and unpretentiousness to working conditions. However, the equipment was produced by a Canadian company, and therefore the price was appropriate.


The Versatile tractor is a technique designed for medium and large agro-industrial complexes. Due to its technical characteristics, the machine is capable of processing large sown areas in a relatively short time. In fact, this is a powerful tractor that confidently works with any attachment. It is curious that the tractor is suitable for tillage by any technology, it can perform a full range of agricultural work.



As a power plant, the tractor is equipped with a GUMMINS QSM 11.11 diesel engine. This is a 375-horsepower unit with in-line cylinders and turbocharged fuel delivery and electronic injection. It is worth noting that the engines of this manufacturer have been used on Canadian tractors for over 40 years, adapted to high dynamic loads and ensure uninterrupted start-up of equipment in conditions of subzero temperatures. The fuel tank holds 927 liters of fuel, which, with economical fuel consumption by the engine, guarantees a long battery life.


 The transmission scheme is represented by the QUADSCHIFT mechanical system, which provides the optimal balance between traction and engine power. There are three speed ranges, which are divided into 4 gears each. Synchronization of gears provides high-speed modes 4.8-13 km / h for one range. The power take-off shaft is articulated with a multi-plate clutch. This scheme ensures a smooth start to trailed devices, provides a smooth and trouble-free operation. The tractor is capable of performing tasks of any complexity with maximum productivity.


Driving axles of the Versatile tractor are equipped with reinforced final drives. This design provides the transfer of full power to the traction beam, increasing the coupling characteristics of the tractor. The introduction of such a scheme into the tractor design made it possible to significantly increase the motor resource and, accordingly, reduce maintenance costs.


The tractor hydraulics are represented by the innovative HYDRAFLOW system, which provides stable functionality for any type of attachment. The system includes four valves that are remotely controlled. The hydraulic operating pressure is 200 bar, with a pump capacity of 170 l / min. To work with trailed units, a towing bar of the 4th class of reinforced construction and a locking two-inch finger are used. For attachments, a three-point rear linkage of CAT IVN class is provided, the carrying capacity of which is 5900 kg.

Versatile 520